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  • Breaking news: Licenses of Centerra Gold are suspended

Breaking news: Licenses of Centerra Gold are suspended


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The “Save Noyon mount” movement had filed a complaint to the Administrative court of Ulaanbaatar to suspend four licenses owned by Centerra Gold which plans to conduct mining operations around Noyon mount in Mandal soum of Selenge aimag.

The court convened today (May 19, 2016) at 10.30 and resolved to temporary suspend the licenses.

The claimant was represented by lawyer G.Batbayar, head of the Mongolian Environmental Civil council J.Ganbaatar, authorized representative P.Shijeeravdan, Munkhbayar and other citizens, the defendant party was represented by MRAM. Representatives of the Centerra Gold also presented at the court session.

The claimant filed a complaint on April 4 to suspend the licenses after of which the court conducted an investigation at the license area.

Centerra Gold owns four licenses at the Gatsuurt deposit in Noyon mount. The reserves of the gold deposit is estimated around 27.6 m tons of ore containing 75.9 thousand tons of gold. The Gatsuurt deposited is listed as a strategic deposit with 34% of ownership by the Government of Mongolia and remaining 66% by Centerra Gold.

After the discussion the court had resolved to temporary suspend the licenses. The civil society representatives believe that the mining activities at Noyon mount shall negatively impact to the environment as well as the historical site.

The third party Centerra Gold explained that the initial negotiations valued at MNT 8 billion is finalized and advance payment of MNT 1 billion had been invested. The company also stated that suspension of the licenses shall jeopardize the company business. Despite the explanation of the third party, the claimants asserted that suspension of licenses is prevents from much more loss.

Despite the primary court decision, the defendant party claimed that they shall not accept the decision and said to appeal the case.

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