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  • U.Khurelsukh to be the head of the State Emergency Committee

U.Khurelsukh to be the head of the State Emergency Committee


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With the formation of the new Government and changes in the structure, the State Emergency Committee was re-organized and ratified by the Prime Minister. 

The State Emergency Committee is responsible to protect the population from disasters, eliminate damages, take emergent actions of restoration and provide integrated management.

Chairman of the Committee:

U.Khurelsukh, Deputy Minister of Mongolia

Deputy chairman:

Minister of Defense B.Bat-Erdene, head of the NEMA T.Badral


Minister of Environment and Tourism

Minister of Construction and Urban Development

Minister of Road and Transportation

Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry

Minister of Mining and Heavy Industry

Minister of Energy

Minister of Health

1st Deputy of the Chancellery of the Government

UB Governor and Mayor

State secretary of Justice and Internal Affairs

State secretary of Finance

State secretary of Education, Culture, Science and Sports

State secretary of Foreign Affairs

Head of the HQ of Armed Forces

Head of the Intelligency office

Head of the Border protection authority

Head of the General policy authority

Head of the General Customs authority

Head of the General special inspection authority

Head of the Standardization and metrology

Head of the Meterology

Secretary of the Nuclear energy commission

Head of the IT, Postal and telecommunication authority

Press officer of the Government Chancellery

General secretary of the Mongolian RedCross  

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