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Mongolian history and culture to the world


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The Mongolian people are marking a series of important anniversaries this year – the 2225th Anniversary of Mongolian Statehood – the anniversary of establishment of the first State on the territory of Mongolia, the 810th Anniversary of the Great Mongolian Empire, the 105th Anniversary of the National Freedom Revolution and the 95th Anniversary of the People’s Revolution.

Mongolia is one of the cradles of humankind and the motherland of Chinggis Khaan, who ruled the largest land empire in the history of humankind stretching from the Yellow River to the Mediterranean Sea.

The people of Mongolia have developed distinctive art and culture based on their unique artistic sensibility, but more importantly, have preserved their cultural heritage to date. Mongolian art has been enriched with magnificent sculptures and other masterpieces by celebrated sculptors and painters of different generations.

We are, therefore, truly honoured and proud to present this catalogue “Mongolian Arts” in English featuring a selection of the sculptures and statues in the Choijin Lama Temple Museum – a sacred place originally occupied by state oracle Lama Luvsankhaidav as well as one of the few remaining Buddhist temples to have survived the repressions of the 1930s, which destroyed over 700 monasteries and temples along with their sanctities.

The catalogue “Mongolian Arts” is designed to introduce the world to Mongolian history, culture and traditions. It is, in fact, one of the priorities of Mongolia’s foreign policy to protect our national culture and its heritage, develop them in tandem with global cultural achievements and introduce Mongolia’s cultural heritages to the world. Therefore, we hope that this catalogue will provide a profound insight into Mongolian art and culture, and become a reference book for scientists, academics, researchers and art lovers around the world.

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