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  • “Tavantolgoi” LLC’s stock price has set its highest record as 7 times

“Tavantolgoi” LLC’s stock price has set its highest record as 7 times


The Top 20 companies which have leadership role rather than others are addressed as Top 20 indexes with which their market assessment and commercial activities in the list of Mongolian Stock Exchange.  

“Tavan Tolgoi” LLC is owned by local ownership, since 2000 the company has been retaining its track of Top 20 indexes, and continually contributing to the country’s economy.

Over the New Year, “Tavantolgoi” LLC’s stock price has set its highest record as 7 times than the past years. In the last 3 months, the company which has a status of local ownership owned, its stock price growth has led by 78.67 per cent that is lined in the “Marketinfo”,

By October 6, 2017, the total number of 42,208 shares out of 4 companies were traded of 18,112,455 tugrugs at the level one category, the company’s stock closing rate is 9,045 tugrug, up by 3,05 persent, its market price was measured furthermore “Tavantolgoi” LLC is owned by local ownership its stock rank is categorized by the first rate. This is a good news while the country's economy is in a difficult situation.

In the future, hopefully we keep this ranking, retain the management “Tavantolgoi” LLC’s contribution will have been increasing to the region.

The statistic performance or company’s stock closing rate, percentage increase, and market assessments are can be seen in the webpages of Mongolian Stock Exchange. Moreover, I would like to restate that the company’s stock price has grown 7 times and showed success over the New Year.

In this time, the coal price is falling so that made situation is poor, however the company policy is factual and profit shows highly efficient is merit able. Starting from the second half of last year the cola price has begun cured, yet again company management took action in line with market conditions these are the factors that has affected revenue growth to “Tavantolgoi” LLC.

Generally, it is an honor to announce that local ownership owned “Tavantolgoi” LLC who mines from the “Tavantolgoi” mining, has been constantly operating profitable in the last years.


Table 1

Trade on 06 October, 2017.                                                                                          Updated date: 2017-10-06

On 06 October, 2017, the total number of 42,208 shares are traded by 18,112,455 tugrugs out of 4 companies, at the level I category


On 06 October, 2017, the total number of 2,225 shares are traded by 1.939.154 tugrugs out of 5 companies, at the level II category

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