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  • “Good plot”, “Good student”, “Good nomad”, “Good share” programs to end

“Good plot”, “Good student”, “Good nomad”, “Good share” programs to end


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The programs “Good plot”, “Good student”, “Good nomad”, “Good share” carried by the previous Government had been violating number of laws such as State budget stability, Debt management, the programs are resolved to be suspended.

The Good programs has been carried from April 2016 and the financing sources were not included in the 2016 budget. The programs cost MNT 596 billion which had been launched for the purpose to win the elections despite violation of laws.

The Prime Minister had also assigned the Finance Minister and the Minister of the Education, Culture, Science and Sports to draft the Government platform for 2016-2020 and 2016 state budget amendment to be in compliance with the legislation along the recommendation was handed to the president of the Central Bank.


Mongolians to travel to Malta and Croatia for up to 30 day without visa

During the cabinet session agreements between Mongolia and Malta, Mongolia and Croatia were ratified, in accordance of which holders of diplomatic and official passports shall travel without visa.

Ratification of the concept of law draft to reduce pension age of nomads by 5 years

In accordance with the currently valid legislation, nomads paid pension insurance fee for not less than 20 years can apply for pensions, 60 for males and 55 for females. Considering the current circumstance as less people are interested to become nomad and hard working conditions, the age of nomads to apply for pension fund is supported to be reduced by 5 years. The Government had approved the concept and assigned N.Nomtoibayar, Minister of Labor and Social care to present the law draft for Government discussion.

Sources for cash premium for athletes to be reflected in the budget amendment

Mongolia approved a law which awards athletes, coaches winning medals in Olympics, world, regional competitions and tournaments. As a result of the enforcement of the law, Mongolian athletes successfully participate in the competitions and tournaments. 43 athletes are participating in summer Olympics in 9 categories.

For last few years the law enforcement was interrupted and by end of 2015, 2069 athletes and coaches who met the requirements of the law to be awarded by cash premium are expected to be paid MNT 1.7 billion.

The Prime Minister assigned the related Ministers to resolve the issue and include in the budget amendments the sources of the cash premium reports the Press Office of the Government.

More on this topic: the programs suspended today by the cabinet session were initiated by the previsouly ruling Democratic Party. The programs were aimed to provide loans to citizens to improve infrastructure in ger districts, loans to students, loans to nomads and cash out 1072 shares so-called Erdenes Tavantolgoi share to be allocated to every citizens of Mongolia.    Prior of the elections of this year, every citizen was allowed to cash out 30% of 1072 shares to receive MNT 300.000 and citizens applied for the redemption had received MNT 100.000-200.000.


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