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With the end of the summer vacations and start of the school year, long list of events touching economy and cooperation issues are queuing.

The first attractive one is thee Invest Mongolia 2016, organized by the Frontier Securities.

Two day conference at Shangri-La shall cover variety of issues, starting from the Government’s next 4 year action plan, and mining, banking sector, real estate market, infrastructure, renewable energy and green development.

The Government apparently to make commitment to regain trust of foreign investors through the rule of law.

 Along with above mentioned hot topics, participants to be introduced with the large scale projects, including Oyu Tolgoi Underground phase and the impact of the projects to the Mongolian economy.

Just after the Invest Mongolia, a traditional mining conference Discover Mongolia shall be organized for the 14th time. The international exhibition fair is to commit for Sustainability.

D.Enkhbold, executive director of the Mongolian National Mining Association highlighted that the Government confirmed its participation. He also added that with the new ruling party, investors are expecting more positive policies.

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