Are you talented to win at Khuvsgul show?


“Khuvsgul - One generation”  club initiated One World - One Khuvsgul festival to take place on July 21 in Murun, provincial center of Khuvsgul. The festival shall be organized under the support of the Governor. The festival said to consist of "Talented traveller", "Mongolian brand", "Night market" and more events. The most attractive event is "Talented traveller" which aims to promote Khuvsgul province, the land of the largest fresh water lake in Mongolia and motherland of Tsaatan - Reindeer people. 


Talented traveller competition criteria

-foreign tourists and travellers shall present their art skills 
-organizers shall be in charge of music, equipment 
-judges to be appointed by the organizers 
-social media trends to be considered 


1st place: 500$, free entry to ONE WORLD - ONE KHUVSGUL show
2nd place: 300$, free entry to ONE WORLD - ONE KHUVSGUL show
3rd place: 200$, free entry to ONE WORLD - ONE KHUVSGUL show


Note: first 15 participants registered to the show shall be given free entry tickets to  ONE WORLD - ONE KHUVSGUL show

The event is organized by Do Re sound production, B sound production and Chono band.

Contact us at 95812321, 88050491, 99182268


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