Names of four remaining ministers


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The Prime Minister J.Erdenebat issued a decree to carry out responsibilities of the missing ministers. According to the decree until the appointment of remaining four ministers (Construction and Urban Development, Energy, Health and Food, Agricukture and Light Industry) other cabinet members shall be acting on behalf.

Apparently, the missing ministers to be appointed soon as the leadership of the MPP proposed four candidates for the appointment, including:

- Ex-governor of UB city G.Munkhbayar for minister of Construction and Urban Development

- Ex deputy minister T.Enkhtaivan for minister of Energy

- Director of the National Skin Disease Research Center A.Tsogtsetseg for minister of Health

- Head of the Horse sports T.Sergelen for minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry

D.Amarbayasgalan shall be acting in charge of the general secretary of MPP.

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