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  • www.news.mn – TV promotion of candidates reached MNT 1 billion

www.news.mn – TV promotion of candidates reached MNT 1 billion


Three candidates for the Presidential elections spent almost MNT 1 billion within 9 days for TV promotion. Advertisements were aired by 4 commercial TV channels.

“Youth in policy review” NGO, member of the “Civil society monitoring network for fair elections” had conducted monitoring for the elections campaign financing and estimated the total spending, which they had shared at the press conference.

For calculations they used the prices of C1, MN25, TV9 and UBS channels submitted to the General Elections and the monitoring data. The spending estimated for each candidate is:

Kh.Battulga, candidate from DP - MNT371.032.953

M.Enkhbold, candidate from MPP - MNT356.951.734

S.Ganbaatar, candidate from MPRP - MNT248.776.199

The total spending of three candidates only for TV promotion reached MNT 976.760.886. The amount was spent only within 9 days.

Brochures, leaflets, newspapers and magazines published by the candidates and disseminated for the voters also reached MNT 1 billion, but the amount definitely will increase if to add transportation and delivery costs to each and every family across the country.

During this election campaign the candidates’ income statements were disclosed by the Anti-Corruption agency which is a very good development, said the NGO representative.

Along with the spending, the NGO network had monitored the mood of the TV content and presence of shadow promotion, according to the monitoring results as closer as the election day, the negative information is overtaking neutral news. The MNB, the National broadcaster was found to air more surreptitious advertising along with the decrease of information provided for voters’ education.



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