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  • President disagrees with PM on new ministers

President disagrees with PM on new ministers


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The MPP held the first plenary session of the Parliament on July 5 and ratified the PM. The PM presented the GOM structure on July 20 and the candidates for the cabinet on July 21. When MPP introduced the cabinet structure with 13 ministries and 16 ministers, the new structure is under strong criticism as according to the law the PM shall present the structure of a cabinet to the President and get an approval of the Parliament. The President Ts.Elbegdorj expressed his opinion on the cabinet whereas he refused to support PM’s proposal. According to the official website of the President that an official letter sent to the PM as PM’s proposal could not be supported. The post said “I’ve reviewed the proposal on the cabinet staff delivered by the official letter #GOM 1-135 of July 21 2016. The proposal does not comply with the pledges of the MPP, majority in the Parliament. The proposal also challenges the principles of accountability, therefore, the proposal cannot be supported.”

The proposed candidates for the new cabinet are

Head of the GOM chancellery J.Munkhbat /general secretary of MPP, poet /

Minister of Foreign Affairs Ts.Munkh-Orgil /former Minister of Justice, was accused in disorder of July 1 2008/

Minister of Finance B.Choijilsuren /involved in cash distribution during 2012 elections /

Minister of Justice MP S.Byambatsogt /head of the MPP caucus during 2012-2016 Parliament/

Minister of Environment and Tourism MP D.Oyunkhorol /MP for last 4 Parliaments, involved in cash distribution during 2016 elections /

Minister of Defense MP B.Bat-Erdene /wrestler, run for 2013 Presidential elections /

Minister of Social Welfare N.Nomtoibayar /son of the largest company MAK’s director, MP during 2012-2016/

Minister of Construction and Urban Development G.Unurbolor / director of Seoul center, translator of Korean language, established number of construction companies, so-called “God-Mother” building apartments in Zaisan area, the special protection zone of Ulaanbaatar /

Minister of Road and Transportation / director of Mongolia Railways /

Minister of Education, Culture and Science ex-MP J.Batsuuri /ex governor of Dornogovi aimag, elected for the Parliament two times /

Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry Ts,Anandbazar /director of one of the largest petroleum importers, involved in corruption /

Minister of Health J.Tsolmon /ex deputy Minister of Health 2008-2012, after 2012 elections with MPP failure left Mongolia to live abroad /

Minister of Mining and Heavy Industry ex MP Ts.Dashdorj /ex Minister of Construction and Urban development, elected once as a MP, founder of Mongol Tobacco LLC/

President requested to negotiate once again the candidates as well as some MPP members are also demanding to revise the names of the candidates.


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