S.Erdene wins the DP elections


The Democratic Party elections held yesterday (January 29) and more than 12.000 members had voted for their new leader. Votes 20 aimags and 9 districts resulted S.Erdene to get 2714.45 points. Other candidates N.Altankhuyag 1640.60, L.Gantumur 1279.43, J.Batzandan 1012.36, D.Erdenebat.

According to DP members S.Erdene received the most votes and to be elected as a new leader of the Democratic Party. S.Erdene Holds Master’s degree in Law, graduated from the Military school, Otgontenger University, Academy of Management 1996-200 Governor of Bayangol district, Ulaanbaatar Since 2000 chairman of Bayangol district DP branch 2002-2005 leader of Mongolian Democratic Union 2004-2008 Director of State Social Insurance Office 2007-2008 representative of UB city Citizens’ Representative Council Since 2008 Member of the Parliament 2012-2016 Minister of Population Growth and Social Care.

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