Government of Mongolia: no any decisions made on Oyu Tolgoi


In last few days the media has been publishing news and rumors on Oyu Tolgoi  as the Government of Mongolia had sold its 34% in the Mongolia's copper giant to Rio Tinto, cash for 34% was received shall be allocated for social care and the MPP is going to hand over cash to get votes". J.Munkhbat, Head of the Government Chancellery of Mongolia made an official statement related to this issue.

"The Government made no decisions related to Oyu Tolgoi. 34% owned by the Mongolian Government is still there. If the 34% considered to be sold, the Parliament shall make the final decision. This is an unacceptable attempt to give the society false information and attack the Government and the ruling Party. This is a defamation. With the approaching presidential election and the election campaign, there is a wave of false information published and posted by the media and social media. The Government shall address the issue and take necessary actions" said the Minister. 

    Сонин хачин