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  • UB smog: Parents delivered their demand to the Government

UB smog: Parents delivered their demand to the Government


Parents rallied today at the Sukhbaatar square against the Ulaanbaatar smog.

Marchers protest for their children, claiming to enjoy their rights provided by the Constitution and demanded from the UB city administration and authorities to announce the state of emergency

They have also delivered their request to hold the next cabinet meeting (December 28, 2016) in Bayankhoshuu area.

The Union called Mother against the smog calls the public to march on December 26 of 2016 at the Sukhbaatar square “For how long we can cry out accepting the smog.” The statement issued by the Union said “Have we marched at least once since the smog kills our lives for last 15 years”

The poisonous smog gets worse and children get sick minimum 2-4 times a year and seems it is a usual thing to have injections to battle the smog. Miscarriage had increased 4 times in winter time and how many mothers silently wiping their tears because they lose their unborn babies.

Is there a family in UB which haven’t faced these problems? Perhaps we’ve been too patient which allows the politicians to take advantage and put money into their pockets.


- Accept that the air pollution reached emergency level and take tangible actions. Made relevant amendments and changes to the Disaster Law.

- The Government must hold its regular session of December 28 in Bayankhoshuu and see the reality

- To report to the citizens the report on assets and funds spent for last 15 years on actions against the air pollution not later than January 15 of 2017

- To develop an integrated plan to reduce the air pollution by 80 per cent by 2018 and introduce publicly to the citizens by January 26 of 2017

- Sort and report to the public on weekly basis the number of children with sicknesses, hospitalization, outpatient examination, mortality rate

- Take immediate actions that shall ensure no any Mongolian child will be treated in the hospital halls by January 10 of 2017

- Develop immediately the methodology to calculate the lost opportunity expenses for every family due to air pollution and allocate funds into the next year budget

- Install air pollution measuring stations in Darkhan-Uul, Orkhon and other aimag centers and provide information to the public

- Take actions to reduce the air pollution caused by smog by January 15 2017

- Relocate pregnant women, parents with children up to 3 years who are poisoned in the epicenter of air pollution to the less polluted region

- Install air purifier at every kindergarten of Ulaanbaatar ger district

- Take series of actions to provide complete information to protect children from the air pollution

- Install 15 new stations to measure air quality in UB city

- Compensate 50% of relocation costs for pregnant women and mothers and fathers with kids of young age who’ve moved out from city smog since November 15

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